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How To Know Which Replacement Enclosure Net Your Trampoline Requires

Top Ring Style Trampoline NetTop ring style enclosure

This net has a top ring that's woven into the net, and the ring is clicked into the poles. In the UK, this style is actually quite popular. The Jumpking 10ft trampoline that is sold at Asda uses this style net, as well as the SportsPower models sold at Argos. So this net will fit for this type of net.
Just make sure that you measure your trampoline frame from outside of the frame, and you should also know how much poles your trampoline is using. 


Inside Style Trampoline Enclosure Net

Inside Style Enclosure

This net connects to the pole by straps and the net goes between the mat and the pad, some of the old Jumpking jumppod trampolines are using this type of net. Make sure when you buy it that you choose the correct size (Measure your trampoline frame size from outer end to outer end), and also you should know your pole amount, (Poles are not included, but you need this info in order to get you the correct enclosure).


Outside Style Enclosure Net

Outside Style Enclosure

This enclosure will be fitted outside of the trampoline, and will connect to the pole with sleeves. Again please make sure when you buy it that you choose the correct frame size and pole amount.