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Trampoline nets are a must to ensure your family's safety! When it comes to the time to replace the trampoline net, people are often unaware of the brand or model of the trampoline. If this is case, it is still very easy to find the right replacement safety net you need.

Four essential things you must know:

  1. TRAMPOLINE POLES: are they Straight or Curved?
  2. TRAMPOLINE NET: is it fitted Between the jumping mat & the safety pad/springs or Around the safety pad?
trampoline inside net trampoline outside net trampoline curved pole net
Straight Poles
Net Fitted Between Mat and Pad
Net Attached to Pole Caps
Straight Poles
Net Around the Trampoline
Net with Sleeves on Poles
Curved Poles
Net Fitted Between Mat and Pad
Top Ring Enclosure System

How to find the right safety replacement net for your trampoline?

  1. First of all, look at the three trampoline models above and click on the image similar to your trampoline;
  2. In the next page, on the left menu, select Trampoline Size and Number of Poles;
  3. If you find the safety net that fits your trampoline, click on it and proceed with the purchase; 
  4. No safety net matches your Trampoline Size and Number of Poles? You can always get an Universal Net.

Still unsure? Give us a call to +44 2031500484 and we will be happy to help you.